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Sandii's Visual Discography


This site offers a Visual Discography for the singer named Sandii.

She was not always called Sandii.

Her first record contained both the names Sandie I and Sandy I.

She won the 11th Popcon under the name Sandi Ai. 

A short time later recorded under Sandy O'Neil. 

Then she became Sandi Hohn or Sandra A. Hohn for her work with the Sunset Gang.

Finally she was lead singer for Sandii and the Sunsetz.

Then she recorded as just Sandii.

Now she is Kumu Hula Sandii Manumele Laniākea.

Welcome to her musical history.  Here are the sections below.

Sandi Ai.  Sandiiʻs early work sung as Sandi Ai, Sandi O'Neil, Sandra Hohn, and others.

The Sunset Gang.  Makoto Kubota's band for which she sang background vocals.

Sandii & the Sunsetz.  Sandii becomes the lead singer for the renamed Sunset Gang.

Pacifica Era.  Sandii releases a variety of mostly Asian music under her own name.

Sandiiʻs Hawai‘i.  Sandiiʻs Hawai‘i and Sandiiʻs Tahitian Passion music series.

Polynesian.  More of Sandiiʻs solo albums as well as her collaborations.

Hula*Hula Series. Special series produced for a national sports clubʻs hula classes.

Guest vocals, 90s, Recent. Three pages of albums on which Sandii provides vocal help.

Compilations.  These are her songs released in various musical compilations.

More Credits.  More compilations, commercial music, songwriting, and other credits.

Sandii Videos.  Here are most of the VHS and DVD videos Sandii has released.

Rarities. These rare releases are particularly special to Sandii or hard to find.


This beautiful wall poster promotes one of Sandii's first recordings.

To view her earliest recordings, go to the next page:   Sandi Ai

This Visual Discography  is not just a graphic web display. 

It is also a physical collection of Sandii's life work in music.

Each recording was obtained, transcribed, and scanned.

In 2010, the entire collection to date was given to Sandii. 

It is now her personal collection of her own musical career.  The listings were updated in 2019.

With love and aloha,

Rusty Kamaka Wright

(Papa Rusty)