Guest Vocals ~ Early


Dead End (1977)


CD:  1994 Columbia COCA-11876

Sandy A. Hohn-chorus

Magic Monkey (1978)


CD:  1993 Columbia COCA-11090

Sandi A. Hohn-chorus

Our Decade (1979)


CD:  1994 Columbia COCA-11877

Sandi A. Hohn-chorus

Lupin the 3rd

Original Soundtrack (1978)

LP:  1978 Columbia YP-7072-AX

CD:  2007 Columbia COCX-34167

11-Love Squall (Sandra Hohn)

Original Soundtrack

from Lupin III (1978)

LP:  1978 Columbia YP-7071-AX

CD:  2004 Columbia COCC-12206

3-I Miss you Babe (Yes, I do)

Sandi A. Hohn

Sheena & the Rokkets #1 (1979)

Sheena & the Rokkets

LP: 1979 Elbon Records BON-7003

CD: 2004 Vivid VSCD-3101

4-Koi no Diamond Ring

Solid State Survivor (1979)

Yellow Magic Orchestra

LP:  1979 Alfa Records ALR-6022

CD:  1979 Alfa 513446-2

2-Absolute Ego Dance

Equasian (1982)

Chris Mosdell

CD: 2003 Sony MHCL-302

10-The Archers of Ardour

Also chorus for the album.

Decline of O.T.T (1986)

Friends of Earth

12" EP:  1986 Non-Standard 15NS-1010

B1-Lunar Gloom (rap)

The World of F. O. E. (1986)

Friends of Earth

CD:  1986 Non-Standard 30CH-180

LP (PR):  Non-Standard TECN-18231

7-Lunar Gloom

S-F-X (1984)

Haruomi Hosono

12" EP: 1984 Non-Standard 22NS-2

CD:  1985 Non-Standard 30CH-21

2-Body Snatchers

Muscle and Heat (1982)


LP:  1982 Kitty 28MS-0014

A1-Thermo Limbo

B1-Exotic Dance


Thermo Limbo/Exotic Dance

Imitation (1982)

12" 45 EP:  1982 Kitty 10GS-0001

A1-Thermo Limbo

B2-Exotic Dance

Longer versions than on the album.

Radio Fantasy (1981)


LP:  1981 Epic/Sony 283H-42

LP:  1981 Epic/Sony EOC-85395

A2-Time of The Season

A3-Radio Fantasy

A7-Imitation Cha Cha Cha

Kimera (1986)

Katra Turana

CD:  1986 Telegraph TKCA-30047

8b-Hushaby, Lullaby

Chase (1986)

Mami Ayukawa V

CD:  1986 King K32X-119


Because We Love You (1986)

Stephen Duffy

CD:  1994 EMI Vivid VSCD-536

1-Something Special

Melting Pot (1980)

Show Yamamoto

LP:  1980 Epic/Sony 25-3H-18

A4-It's A Shame

A5-She's Leaving Dream

B4-April Fool/Hold Me Tight

Sandi A. Hohn, chorus

Something Special (1986)

Steven and Sandii

7" 45:  1986 Ten 105-A

A1-Something Special

Something Special (1986)

Steven and Sandii

12" 45:  1986 Ten T-105

A1-Something Special (Inversion)

The Girl Can't Help It (1981)


LP:  1981 Epic/Sony EPC85394

LP:  1981 Epic/Sony 28-3H-48

A3-Training (chorus)

Basic Fun (1984)

Takashi Onzo

LP:  1984 Vivid Sound DB-2504

CD:  1999 Vivid VSCD-3011

Chorus credit.

Roll Up (1984)

Takashi Onzo

LP:  1984 Sounds SP28-5140

CD:  1992 Apollon APCA-69

Chorus (CD): 1, 3, 5, 6, 7

Complete Susan (2005)

Susan E.

CD (2):  2005 Sony MHCL-497-8

Disc 2 #3-Training (chorus)

Kyakusenbi No Yuhwaku (1982)

The Square

CD:  1982 CBS CSCL-1217

2-The Rest of a Romance


Live Capsule/Bee Men (1980)

The Hospital

7" 45:  1980 CBS 06SH-781

A1-Live Capsule

Sandii says this really is her singing the lead!  She is not credited on the record.

Double Happiness (1986)

World Standard

12" EP:  1986 Non-Standard 14NS-1009

CD:  2002 TECN-18752

Only 4 songs.  No detailed credits.

Multiplies (1980)

Yellow Magic Orchestra

10" EP:  1980 Alfa Records YMO-1

CD:  1992 Restless 7-72708-2

2-Nice Age

8-Citizens of Science

Nice Age (1980)

Yellow Magic Orchestra

7" 45:  1980 A&M Japan-2

A1-Nice Age

Time and Place (1983)

Yukihiro Takahashi

Time & Place - Live 1983

CD:  1992 Yen/Alfa ALCA-364

3-Drip Dry Eyes

Murdered by the Music (1980)

Yukihiro Takasashi

LP:  1980 Statik STAT-LP-6

A3-Kid-Nap, the Dreamer

B2-Blue Colour Worker

B3-Stop in the Name of Love

Murdred by the Music (1980)

Yukihiro Takasashi

CD:  2006 King KICS-1141

3-Kid-Nap, the Dreamer

8-Blue Colour Worker

9-Stop in the Name of Love

Presumptious (2000)

Yellow Magic Orchestra

CD:  2000 Alfa ALCA-5250

2-Jingle YMO~Nice Age/Ymo

PR - Best version as it does not cut the jingle saying "Sandii's here."

World Standard (1988)

World Standard

CD:  1988 Another ARC23-005

1.6-Kokosoj  1.8-Jappan Mars

2.2 Yakai

Chorus credit.

Photo Romance (1979)

7" 45:  1979 King GK(S)-326

A1-Photo Romance

Sandii says this really is her.  She is called "Candy" on the record.


Fujiyama Funky (1990)

CD:  1990 King KICS-2066

4-Photo Romance by Candy

This is compilation CD has the audio track of Photo Romance.

Kimera (1986)

Katra Turana

LP:  1986 Telegraph TG-031

B1b-Hushaby, Lullaby