Roughly alphabetical by Album Title

20th Century Box (2009)

CD (6):  2009 Daisyworld COCP-35491~6

2.3-Idol Era

2.4-Zoot Kook

3.17-Sticky Music

3.18-Walk Away

After Summer (2002)

CD:  2002 Pony Canyon PCCR-00347

9-Pua Mae'ole

Airproof Chillscape (1996)

Compilation Vol. 2

CD:  1996 VAP VPCC-84409

3-Something Wonderful

Rikki the Boom Sandii

CD:  ANA Airlines promo CD

7-Aloha Mai-Iaorana-Pacifica

8-Ringo Oiwake


Alfa Ambient Collection (1996)

CD (2):  1996 Alfa ALCA-5115/5116

1.2-Dhyana Pura

1.2-Gong Loop

Asia Blue (1995)

CD:  1995 Epic Sony ESCB-1556

12-Hai! Hai! Hai!

Audiophile Test HQCD 2009

CD:  2009 Forward FW2067W

3-We've Only Just Begun

Bacardi and Coke

Selection Vol. 1 (1992)

CD:  1992 Toshiba PCDZ-1181


Bacardi and Coke

Selection Vol. 2 (1992)

CD:  1992 Toshiba PCDZ-1182


Band's Eye View (1982)

LP:  1982 CBS S.S.8

A2-Zoot Kook   B1-Heat Scale

Best New Music 100 (2009)

CD (6):  Express TOCT-26881-86

3.10-Goodbye Morning

The Best of

Reggae Sunsplash (1993)

CD:  1993 Charly/J!MCO JICK-89267

3-Calling You (from Sunsplash 1988)

Best Now 21

Screen Music (2005)

CD:  2005 EMI TOCP-53710

17-Mystery Nile

Beat Complex Vol. 1 (1995)

CD: 1995 Alfa ALCA-5053

8-Alive~Powder Snow Style Mix

Beat Complex Vol. 2 (1995)

CD:  1995 Alfa ALCA-5054

6-Love Sick~Euro Mix

Cool Struttin' Vol. 3 (1995)

CD:  Amber Records 525557-2

14-Dream Catcher (Opaz remix)

Flowers in the Hearts

of all People (1992)

CD:  1992 EMI TOCT-6614

7- (Hana)

Gorgeous Global Monthly 5 (1995)

CD:  1995 Sony XACX-90049

4-Life (There is Nothing Higher Than Your Life)

My Recommended Girls Collection (2007)

CD:  2007 Yamaha KICS-2499

18-Goodbye Morning

(studio version)

Fly Me to the Paradise (2007)

CD:  2007 Garule Saison BRGA-0006

1-E Ku'u Morning Dew

5-La La Measns I love You


Ici Tokyo (1996)

CD:  1996 Bond Age BRCD-96127


Hula Style Music (2006)

CD:  2006 Sony MHCP-1106

9-Ka Nohona Pili Kai

(Nada Sou Sou)

Hit the Rock (1985)

LP:  1985 Eastworld WTP-80178

A3-Babes in the Woods

Island Treasure (2003)

CD:  2003 Victor VICP-62313


8-Manatsu No Kajitsu

Love Plants Compilation

Vol. 3 (2007)

CD:  2007 RD Records RDR-3008

3-Pua Lililehua

Music from the Rising Sun (1982)

LP:  1982 CBS SAMP-43

A5-Idol Era   B3-Words and Dances   B4-Alive

New Wave Complex 13

CD:  probably made in the mid-1990s (latest song is 1989) Unofficial CD-R


On the Rock Sampler (1986)

LP:  1986 Eastworld PRT-8283

A3-Babes in the Woods  A4-Rachael

Piece of Water (2006)

CD:  2006 A-Head XQBR-1001

10-Christmas Is...

11-Mele O Ke Kahakai

Popcon 70's (2005)

CD:  2005 Yamaha YCCU-10003,4

Disc 2, #6-Goodbye Morning

(studio version)

Popcon Girls Compilation (2004)

CD:  2004 Yamaha KICS-2419

16-Goodbye Morning

(studio version)

Popcon History III (2006)

CD (2):  2006 Yamaha Music YCCU-10017~10018

Disc 1, #10 - Goodbye Morning

(WPSF live version)

MNP Reggae from Around

the World (1988)

CD:  1998 RAS Records CD-3050


Reggae All Night Long (1991)

CD (4):  1991 Charly Records


Disk 4, #3-Calling You

Popcon Remastered Best (2009)

CD:  2009 Yamaha YCCU-10027~28

Disc 2, #16-Goodbye Morning

(studio version)

Resocha (1996)

CD:  1996 Sony SRCS-8079

15-Seaside Bound

Resort Air Pacifica (2005)

CD:  2005 Victor VICP-63049


Rhythm Blues & Kayo (2001)

CD:  2001 EMI PCD-1393

3-(Hey) King Kong

Music of Indonesia (2000)

CD:  Rough Guide


10-Rentak 106

Snakeman Show (1981)

CD:  2008 Sony MHCL-323

9-Jimmy Mack

Ringo-Oiwake Collection (2005)

CD:  2005 Columbia COCP-33231

11-Ringo Oiwake

(from Mercy, track 10)

Spinout 2 (2001)

CD:  Sony/V2 V2CI-103

4-Nani Waimea~Kaua I Ka Huahua'i

It's a man's man's field tropicana Mix

Sounds of Womad (1991)

CD:  1991 WomCom CD-001

4-Te Cherir a Jamais

Music of Malaysia (2006)

CD:  2006 rough Guide


3-Cinta Hampa

Sumo Stomp (1991)

CD:  Alfa ALCA-237

6-Kingdoms Without Corners, Gong Loop, Shantih, Zoot Kook, and Dhyana Pura remixed by bomb the Bass

Techno Pop (2004)

CD:  2004 BMG BVC2-31038

8-Sticky Music

Terpsichore (1981)

LP:  1981 EMI EMS-1004

A1-Hey Rock A La La

Throbbin '84 (1984)

LP:  Polystar 818-976-1 (Australia)

9-Sticky Music

Tops New Release Sound Magazine (1991)

CD:  1981 Toshiba/EMI Vol. 4 Feb '91

7-Suriram (Ragga BAss Mix)

Ukulele-Picnic (2009)

CD:  2009 Geneon GNCL-1205

Disc 2, #15-One Boy

(This may be the original recording.)

World Classics: Sri Gati

Downloaded song from Amazon.

Same track as on The Best of Reggae Sunsplash

YMO Remixes 99-00

The Best (2005)

CD:  2005 JVC Victor JEKCD-5008

Also labeled YBM Seoul SDCD-2076

7-Absolute Ego Dance

(Denki Groove remix)

Yen Records History

Yen Singles+α (1988)

CD (2):  1988 Alfa 50XA-249/250

Disc 2, #3-Sticky Music

Disc 2, #4-The Mirrors of Eyes

Yen Memorial Album (1985)

LP:  1985 Pickup Records LPU-0024

LP:  1985 Alfa YLR-35001~2

CD:  1985 Yen/Alfa ALCA-9136

1-God Be With You Till We Meet Again (chorus & joint lead vocal)

4-Sticky Music (Remix - French vocal) 17-Platonic Stochastic (harmonica, percussion)

Worldwide: Ten Years of Womad (Book/CD 1992)

CD:  1992 Realworld RWBK-1

6-Pacifica and Pacifica medley

Best Collection 48

Mid-1970s (1976)

CD:  2007 Yamaha SBCN-048

5-Goodbye Morning (studio version)

Kayo-kyoku (2005)

Yellow Magic Orchestra

CD (3):  2005 Sony MHCL-490-2

Disk 1, #7-Idol Era

New Japanese Music (1982)

LP:  1982 CBS CSP-213 (Australia)

A5-Alive,  B5-Heat Scale (PR)

Techno Pop Collection (2004)

Twins Sound Sampler Vol. 4

CD (2):  1997 Alfa ALCA-5167/8

1.10-Love Sick, 1.11-Jimmy Mack,

1.12-Zoot Kook, 2.5-Wanted

The Very Best of Yen Label, Vol. 1 (1997)

CD (2):  1997 Alfa ALCA-5167/8

1.10-Dreams of Immigrants,

1.11-Mirrors of Eyes

The Very Best of Yen Label, Vol. 2 (1998)

CD (2):  1998 Alfa ALCA-5239/40

1.13-Sticky Music, 1.14-Walk Away,

God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again

POPCON Age Chronicle 1975-1977  (2010)

CD:  2010 Yamaha KICS-2702

10-Goodbye Morning

(studio version)

POPCON II (1999)

CD:  1999 Yamaha KICS-2296

10-Goodbye Morning

(studio version)

Y.M.O. Family

Best Selection

CD:  1990 Alfa ALCA-64

11-Jimmy Mack

12-Love Sick

Hawai‘i Paradise Music (1998)

CD (5):  1998 Sony 8FZ8Z-2747

Disc 4: Sushi TGCS-500


This disc has 16 songs from both Sandii's Hawai‘i and

Sandii's Hawai‘i 2nd

Now Music 1 (1987)

LP:  1987 Virgin OZPIG-1

A7-East Meets West

Resort (2007)

Sandii w/the Coconut Cups

CD:  Pony Canyon PCCR-00454

4-Pearly Shells/On a Little Bamboo Bridge

10-Tahiti Tahiti