Pacifica Era



Singles (all CD3)


CD:  1994 Toshiba EMI TOCT-8302

The Best Of 1987-1992 Compilation

World Remix

CD:  1995 Epic/Sony ESCB-1433

Come Again

CD:  1991 Toshiba EMI CD: TOCT-5996

Remixes and rare tracks



Sandii Sings Melayu and Dangdut Classics

CD: 1993 Sushi 01

Malaysian "Grammy" Winner in 1994

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher - Japan version

CD:  1994 Epic/Sony ESCB-1467

Standard Release

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher - Taiwan version (Double CD)

Cassette:  Epic E-3390494

CD #1:  Dream Catcher Epic/Sony SMD 8028

CD #2:  Promo for Sony artists Epic/Sony SJ-01

Dream Catcher/Di Sini

CD:  Sony Music(Malaysia) ESCD 1467

Cassette:  Sony Music ESC 1467

Malaysian Release

Joget to the Beat

CD 1992 Toshiba EMI CD: TOCT-6419

Pacifica remixes.

Floral Heat


Taiwan Release

Rentak 106

CD:  1993 Sony/Sushi 01-2

Similar to Airmata.


Cassette EMI TC-CT-5923 (Indonesia)

CD: 1990 Toshiba EMI TOCT-5923


CD:  1996 Sony Epic ESCB-1717


Cassette:  EMI TC-CT-6375

CD: 1991 Toshiba EMI TOCT-6375


There Is Nothing Higher Than Your Life / (Instrumental)

CD3: 1995 Epic ESDB-3569

Hai Hai Hai (single)/

Every Day (Ragga Mix)

CD3:  1994 Epic ESDB-3432

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher / Every Day

CD3: 1994 Epic ESDB-3478

Sea Side Bound

CD3: 1994 Epic ESDB-3518

1-Seaside Bound 

2-Every Day (Malay version)

3-Seringgit Si Dua Kupang

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher / Hai Hai Hai

UK 12":  1994 File Records FR-012

6 tracks: all available on CD except Dream Catcher (English Album version), Hi Hi Hi (dance mix).

THIS IS A FAKE UK RELEASE - I had someone check the MCPS (UK JASRAC) database and it's not on there. I have seen this and I think it's a Japanese release pretending to be from the UK for reasons of street cred! (PR)

Panon Hideung

Panon Hideung  (5 remixes)

12" EP:  Vivid Sound VS12-9015

Versions not on CD: Club Mix & Beatella Mix

Pacifica Remixes

12" EP: Vivid Sound VS12-9014

Not sure of year – probably 1992.

Sukiyaki (3 mixes)/

Ikan Kékek (2 mixes)

12" EP: Toshiba EMI LRS-960

Only 1 track not on CD: Sukiyaki (Radio Edit)


Suriram (3 mixes)/

Te Cherir A Jamais (3 mixes)

12" EP: Vivid Sound VS12-9010

Only 1 track not on CD: Te Cherir A Jamais (Radio Mix)

12" DJ and Remixes

Floral Heat (Promo)

CD:  1992 ROCK RECORDS RD-1171

5 songs only

Taiwan Demo CD - very rare

Pacifica (Greek LP)

LP: 1991 Minos EMI 7243-8-28767-1-7