Sandi Ai


Sandi Ai

This is Sandii's first long play (LP) album.

LP:  1975 Toho Records Toho AX-8029

CD:  2011 Solid Records CDSOL-1443

Goodbye Morning/Madmoiselle Mama

Studio version of her POPCON winner.

45:  1976 Discomate Records DSF-105

Perusha Neko Wa Koi Dorobo/Anohito

This is Sandii's first 7" single, made in Hawai‘i.

You can hear a sample of it in Collector's Corner.

45:  1974 Pineapple Records TRS-5002 (USA)

Kutizuke Wa Yurushite/Koi No Nakanori

45:  1975 Toho Records AT-1118

Ai No Melody/Nichiyou No Gogo

45:  1975 Toho Records AT-1132

Mystery Nile

Sandii sings as Sandy O'Neil.

LP:  1978 EMI Eastworld EWS-81190

Mystery Nile/Mystery Nile (Part 2)

Sandii sings as Sandy O'Neil.

45:  1978 EMI Eastworld EWR-20497

A1-Mystery Nile

World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo '76

Sandii (Sandi Ai) sings "Goodbye Morning" again.

Her song won First Place as Best Song.

LP:  1976 Yamaha Records YL-7615

Track #1-Goodbye Morning (live 11/21/76)

The 11th Popular Song Contest

Sandii (Sandi Ai) sings "Goodbye Morning."

She won First Place this competition! 

You can hear the recording in Collector's Corner.

LP (2):  1976 Yamaha Records YL-7605P

LP1, Track #1-Goodbye Morning (live 5/16/76)

Hey! King Kong/Sherry

Sandii sings as Sandy O'Neil.

45:  1979 EMI Eastworld EWR-20555

Sandii sings both.



Yamaha's POPCON


Hey! King Kong/Sherry

12" DJ/Demo, rare.

12": 1979 Toshiba/EMI PRP-8109

Hey! King Kong/Sherry

Alternate cover, very rare (PR)

1979 EMI Eastworld EWR-20555

Lupin III '79/Love Squall

Sandii sings as Sandra Hohn.

45:  1976 Satril YK-111-AX(SR)

B1-Love Squall