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More Compilations

Commercial Music (CM)

David Sylvian~

Years of Memories Vol.1 & 2

CD:  1998 Unofficial CDR

Vol. 1-11 Illusion

Vol. 1-12 Living On the Front Line

Vol.1-13 Where the Fire Still Burns

Vol. 2-1 This is Not Enough

Midem ʻ97

CD:  1997 Promo Sampler MideVix

12-Aloha Mai~Iaorana Pacifica

Aloha Exotica

CD:  2016 Tokuma Japan


2-Sway It Hula Girl

3-Iʻll Remember You

Hawaiian Music

CD:  2013 Pony Canyon PCCY-1959

Double CD features Sandii & the

Coconut Cups on 10 of the 12

tracks on Disc 1.

NME Mad Mix II

CD:  1983 New Musical Express


A4-Living On the Front Line

Arbeit: Selected Outside

Works 1990-2001

CD: 2003 Not on Label

9-Dream Catcher remix


45:  Rotiny Fashion & Fur

Coca Cola

Commercial Songs:Super More

CD:  2006 Geneon GNCP-1014

1984 Yes Coke Yes!

Nescafe Coffee

CD:  2004 King Records KICP-1000

CM Collection

CD:  1994 Eastworld CM-NK03

11-Lenggang Kang Kong

Daichi Fresh Life

Sandy & Peekaboo

45:  Daiichi A-6439

CM Network

CD:  1990 Pony Canyon PCCY-00175

Zoku CM No Tatsujin

CD:  2006 Be!Smile BSCH-30049

Commercial Songs

CD:  2000 Nippon Crown CRCP-20256

Hits on TV, Vol. 2

CD:  Mr. Music PCCY-00060

Come Closer, Tes

45 picture disk:  1985 Hakuhodo Music


A Capela Do Brasil

Trio Experanca

CD:  1992 Philips 512266-2

6-Watashi (Sapporo 76)

"Cover Me"

Closing theme from Meremanoid.

No CD.  Audio from 1997 VHS SVWV-1110, episodes 19 and 20.

Bitter and Sweet

Akina Nakamori

CD:  1984 Warner WPCL-417


Delicious Poison

Monday Michiru

CD:  1996 Kitty KTCR-1405

3-Will You Love Me Tomorrow


Hayato Kaori

CD:  2009 BCIX JBCD-9018

(also MNet CMCD-9413)


Java Jungle

John Robinson

CD:  1995 AVEX AVDD-20088

1 to 3-Java Jungle

(standard, instrumental, remix)



CD:  1994 Victor VICL-565

1-I and I

Lady Mockingbird

Ayako Miyata

LP:  1980 Epic/Sony 27-3H-22

A2-Lady Mockingbird


Boom Boom Beat Awaodoori

CD:  1995 Crown CRDN-268

1 to 4-Awa Odori beat buzz"

(standard and 3 remixes)


Akina Nakamori

CD:  1988 Warner 32XL-193

5-Fire Starter


Akina Nakamori

Cd:  1986 Warner 32XL-155

6-Heart of Glass

10-Mushroom Dance

Sandii selected the songs

Special thanks to Sandii

Aloha Greetings

CD:  1993 Toshiba TOCT-8034

Voice of Aloha Smile

CD:  1993 Toshiba TOCT-8033

Hula Hula Girl

CD:  2006 Universal


Island Cafe

meets Sandii (2017)

CD:  Incense Music Works


Irama Inoura (1992)

Hideo Inoura

CD:  1992 A-Z-A/Wave CP-4007


CD:  1997 Sushi-05

Paz - Hideo Inoura

CD:  1997 Grass Fruits CLGD-3001

Far East Swampers (2007)

Orange County Brothers

CD:  2007 Vivid RATCD-4312

Live tracks from the late 1970s.

Punkmonkhunk (1994)


CD:  1994 Skin CS-00040

Unchaka Tako Pea (2002)


CD:  2002 Mokke-0001