The Sunset Gang


Albums before joining The Sunset Gang

Albums after joining The Sunset Gang

Sandii is credited as Sandra/Sandi A. Hohn, backup singer.

As a backup singer, her individual tracks are not always separately noted.

1st Album/Machiboke

Makoto Kubota

LP:  1973 Express ETP-8235

CD:  1995 Express TOCT-8859

CD:  2007 Fuji FJSP-28

Sunset Gang

LP:  1974 Show Boat Trio 3A-2002

CD:  1989 Tokuma 25JC-358

CD:  2007 Show Boat SWAX-702

Lucky Old Sun

LP:  1977 Nippon Columbia YX-7200-N

CD:  2008 Columbia COCA-71157

2-Oh Suzanna

8-Slow Boat Love

Second Line

LP:  1979 Nippon Columbia YX-5021-N


2-Mama Liza's Cafe

4-Dixie Chicken~Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

7-Lover Please~Stop that Train (lead vocal)

8-Iko Iko

9-Issho ni Aruite!!

Dixie Fever

LP:  1977 ShowBoat/Trio Records 3SB-1003

CD:  1986 Tokuma 30JC-151

CD:  2003 Show Boat SWAX-704

5-Hoshikuzu (Stardust)

7-Capt. Banana

Live Sunset 64' 40"

Live concert tracks from 1976 through 1979.

CD:  1989 Chop Records CHOP-D07

Sandii:  Vocals and percussion.

Rhythm Romance

10" LP:  Vivid VS-1520

CD:  Chop Records CHOP-D06

6-I'm Gonna Get You Yet (lead vocal)

8-'Yes' Tonight (writer)

Sandii: Also credited for percussion.

Made In Islands

LP:  1987 Tokuma Show Boat 28JAL-3100

CD:  1989 Japan Records 23JC-464

1-Dixie Fever


8-Captain Banana

Hawaii Champroo

LP:  1975 Show Boat Trio 3SB-2004

CD:  1989 Japan Records 25JC-359

Made In Islands (Vol. 2)

~Jakarta Champur~

CD:  1989 Japan Records 26JC-448

3-Chant #9 (Hana Chant)

8-Haisai Ojisan

11-Small Boat Trip

Sunset Gang Compilations

Commercial Compilations

Sunset Gang Singles

Gang Live Again

Live concert from 1976.

CD:  2000 Tokuma Vivid CHOPD-077

Sandii:  No credits on this CD.

Hoshikuzu (Stardust)/

Dixie Fever

45:  1977 Showboat 3B-111

Hoshikuzu:  Background vocals

Made in Islands - Jamaica Remix

CD:  1999 Showboat SWAX-29

1-Dixie Fever

6-Hoshikuzu (Stardust)

8-Captain Banana

Showboat Days

CD (2):  2004 Absord Music ABCS-83/84

Disc 1 #2-Small Boat Trip

Disc 1 #16-Dixie Fever

Disc 1 #17-Hoshikuzu

Disc 2 #6-Captain Banana

Disc 2 #8-Chant #9 (Hana Chant)

Disc 2, #11-Hoshikuzu (Remix)

Disc 2 #16-Hoshikuzu (Dub version)

Better Days of Sunset Gang

CD:  1999 Sky Station SWAX-28


13 Classics

CD:  1994 Vivid CHOP D-025

4-Dixie Fever


6-Haisai Ojisan

Anthology of Japan Rock

LP:  1988 Nippon Columbia AX-7447

Side A #4-Rhapsody

Sunset Gang in Concert

The Storm/Fonky Walk

45:  1977 Columbia Better Days YK-89-N

Sandii:  No credits

Haisai Ojisan (1975)

EP:  1975 Trio TD-9

Sandii:  No credits.