Sandii & the Sunsetz



7" Singles

Compilations and Remixes

East Meets West

LP:  1989 Spy Records SPY-1001 (Canada)

CD:  1989 Spy Records SPY-CD-1001 (Canada)

Sandii & the Sunsetz in the '90s

The Bomb the Bass Remix

CD:  1991 Alfa ALCA-145

Orientation/Best Of 1985 - 1988

CD:  1990 Toshiba EMI CT32-5516

Best Selection

Sandii and the Sunsetz Best Selection

First release - 1986 Alfa 32XA-?

Re-release CD: 1990 Alfa ALCA-69

Super Best/Twins (double CD)

Twins - Super Best of Sandii and Sunsetz

2 CDs:  1996 Alfa ALCA 5109/10, ALCA -1301(?)

This is double CD: 1997 ALCA-5203/5204

Heat Scale (Japan)

Artist listed as  Sunsetz

LP:  1981 Alfa ALR-28022

CD:  1981 Alfa ALCA-9110

CD:  2006 Sony MHCL-858

Eating Pleasure (original jacket)

Eating Pleasure (revised jacket)


LP:  1982 Alfa/YEN YLR-28004 (Japan)

LP: 1982 Sire 250004-1 (UK and Overseas)

CD: 1988 Alfa 32XA-232 (per PR)

CDs:  ALCA-298, ALCA-5079, ALCA-9111

CD:  2006 Sony MHCL-856

Viva Lava Liva, 1980~1983

Australian release LP:  1984 Sire 250377-1 (alternate tracks)

One Love

LP:  1988 Toshiba/EMI/Eastworld RT28-5248

CD:  1988 Toshiba/EMI/Eastworld CT32-5248

Banzai Baby

(La La La La Love)

LP:  1986 EMI/Eastworld WTP-90401 (Japan)

LP:  Virgin SVOZ-3001 (Australia)

Cassette:  Virgin SVOZC-3001

CD: 1986 EMI/Eastworld CA32-1251

Rhythm Chemistry

LP:  1987 Toshiba/EMI/Eastworld WTP-90469

CD:  1987 Toshiba/EMI/Eastworld CA32-1444

Open Sesame

Open Sesame/Wanted

7":  Sire Belgium 92-9810-7

Labels and the running times show they should be the same as on album.

Dreams of Immigrants/The Mirrors of Eyes

7" pic cover:  1982 Sire SAND1 (left)

7" picture disc (that swimsuit shot again!): 1982 Yen  SAND1P (right)

Sticky Music/The Mirrors of Eyes

7":  1984 YEN YLR-710 (on left),

7":  Sire (Australia) 7-259701 (on right),

7":  Sire W9261 (mfg in UK)

Sticky Music is an edited version.

Babes in the Woods/Mood Organ/Rachael

12":  1985 Eastworld/Toshiba EMI T12-1086

Mood Organ and Rachael are not on CD.

Alive/Heat Scale

7":  Alfa/CBS UK ALF-A2211. Regular version of the song.

7":  Alfa/CBS UK ALF-A2211-DJ

EP Promo (same cover, same #).

Dreams of Immigrants/

The Mirrors of Eyes/

Jinjirogeh~The Chunk O' Funk

12":  1982 Sire SAND-1T  (259982-0)

No-No-No/Make Believe

45:  EastWorld RT07-2114

CD3:  Eastworld XT10-2025

Lovesick/Eating Pleasure

45:  Alfa Records ALR-707

Both same as on the LP.

Babes in the Woods/

Private Moon

45:  1985 Eastworld WTP-17719

Battery/Undressing Slowly

7":  Virgin Australia SVOZ2

LP version of Battery.

New Face

Bongazuna/El Puzzlo/Heat Scale/The Great Wall

12":  Japanese Promotional Alfa Records ALFA-1012

A: Bongazuna/El Puzzlo

B: Heat Scale/The Great Wall

Plays the same as the original LP versions

12" DJ and Demos

Hikari No Taba/Calling You

(Jamaican Mix)

7":  Eastworld PRT-1207


Battery (Japan release)

Battery (English single version)/Battery (Japanese version)

45:  Eastworld WTP-17853

East Meets West (single version)/The Act of Love

7":  Virgin Australia SVOZ1

Namida No Taiyo/Coupling with Cipher

Le Soleil en Pleur (Namida no Taiyo, alternate lyrics)

Coupling with Cipher (Maybe Live version)

45: Eastworld RT07-2388

CD3: Eastworld XT10-2388

Viva Lava Liva, 1980~1983

Japan release LP:  1984 Alfa/YEN YLR-28017

CD: 2007 Sony MHCL-857

Heat Scale (International)

Artist listed as Sandii & the Sunsetz

LP:  1981 Alfa 85642 (UK)

LP:  1982 CBS/Alfa/Discos ALF-85842 (Spain)

UK & Australian edition omits "Gong Loop," adds "Alive" and "Zoot Kook."  European edition omits "Gong Loop," adds "Alive" and "Idol Era." (PR)

Artist listed only as Sandii (not Sandii & the Sunsetz)

LP:  1980 Alfa ALR-28002 (same number for both jackets, left and right photos)

CDs:  ALCA-296, ALCA 9109 (per PR)

CD:  1988 Alfa 32XA-231 (revised jacket)

CD:  2006 Sony MHCL-855 (original jacket)

Sandii answers which jacket was first:   The one on the left with the cabbage dress is the first one.  Then the leopard one (on the right) was second.    When the first one sold over 20,000 copies, the record company decided to change the album cover and push the same album for more sales.  They did!!!

East Meets West

12":  1988 Alchemy/Virgin SVOZ-112

East Meets West, Aishi Aishi, Banzai Baby

Heat Scale/El Puzzlo

7":  Alfa/CBS Spain ALF-A2554.

Same as on LP.

Dreams of Immigrants/

Open Sesame

7":  Sire Australia 7-259843 (PR)

Alive/Dhyana Pura

7":  Alfa/CBS Holland ALF-A2643. Back shown.  Front is the same as Alive/Heat Scale ALF-A2211.

Same musical version as on LP (PR)

Jimmy Mack (Bob Clearmountain Mix)/

Jinjirogeh-The Chunk O' Funk

7":  Sire Australia 7-259594 (PR)

Idol Era/Love Sick

12":  Promotional Alfa Records ALFA-1007

Both the same as on the LP (PR)

(Notes, comments, and discography info are from Rusty Wright and Paul Rymer.)