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This video was created for Sandii's birthday party in 2009. 

It features some of the music and the album graphics from this website. 

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This video is from a parting celebration after visiting Sandii's Hula Studio in Tokyo.

These are Sandii's Hula Studio students joining Pattye's Hula Studio students

on the beach at Hanalei Bay, Kaua'i in Hawai'i.

The lead dancer is Mehana from Pattye's Hula Studio.

Sandii sings "Hanalei Moon" from her CD, Sandii's Hawai'i 4th.

This is Sandii dancing Pua Lililehua from her 1996 VHS called Sandii's Hula. The music is her own recording of the song from her CD called Sandii's Hawai'i.

Today, Sandii is a full Kumu Hula from Pattye Kealohalani Wright. This video shows the first step of that journey. The new haumana (student) is presented by her teacher as a candidate for eventual 'uniki (graduation) to the hula community at a public function. This function was the Prince Lot Hula Festival.

There are many Sandii videos posted on the Web. 

Here are a few from YouTube, posted by Sandii's RealHula family. 

Sandii's Hula Studio opened its doors March 9, 2001. Six months later, Sandii presented The Heart of Paradise concert with her students dancing. This "Manatsu No Kajitsu" from her "Sandii with the Coconut Cups" CD was the finale number of that beautiful concert, held September 13, 2001.