Collector's Corner (with music)


"Perusha Neko Wa Koi Dorobo" and "Anohito."

This is Sandii's first 7" single.

She is listed as Sandie I on the insert and Sandy I on the record.

Recorded and released only in Hawai‘i, this single is extremely rare!

Click the play button above for a sample of her recording.

Hey! King Kong

12" DJ Demo, rare.

Hey! King Kong

Alternate cover, very rare.

In the Beginning

Sandii & the Sunsetz

The very rare Sandii & the Sunsetz "New Face" (front and back shown).

Open Sesame (rare jacket)

Sticky Music (rare jacket)

Dream Catcher/Di Sini (CD)

Malaysian release - very rare

Floral Heat

Taiwan Demo CD - very rare

Dream Catcher (CD)

Taiwan release - rare

Floral Heat

Taiwan release - rare

Pacifica Era

Sandii's Hawai‘i (1st)

Standard release (for comparison)

Sushi 02

Sandii's Hawai‘i (1st)

U.S. release - much less common

Sushi-H1 and Neos V026

Polynesian to Present

Sandii's Hawai‘i (the 1st) was released in Japan in 1996.   It was a

a remarkable commercial success, dominating Hawaiian music sales that year. 

The decision was made to release it in the U.S.  The cover photo was reversed

and it was released in Hawai‘i by Neos Records. 

This U.S. release is quite uncommon.

Many of the Guest Vocals are hard to find. 

But "Live Capsule" was a real surprise! 

Although she is not credited on the record,

Sandii says it really is her.  Click the audio button

below the picture and listen for yourself.

Mystery Vocals

Come Closer, Tes

Commercial Music

The original versions of any of Sandii's CM music are

usually hard to find.  But this 7" CM release is

particularly interesting.  It bears not only

Sandii's voice, but her handwriting.  The bottom

right corner of the cover says in her handwriting

"Keep heating up our hearts!"

At the beginning of her musical career, Sandii won

the 11th Popular Song Contest in Japan.  Her song was "Goodbye Morning."

Later that year, her "Goodbye Morning" also won the World Popular Song Festival. 

The same song was then released as a single by her with a new studio recording.

There have been many compilations since then with Sandii singing "Goodbye Morning."

But none of the versions have ever returned the listener to Sandii's beginning.

Here is her original winning Popcon performance, live, from a rare LP of the event.

Please be patient.  This page contains music mp3 files

and will take a bit longer to load.  It will be worth the wait.

World Popular

Song Festival

Goodbye Morning

Studio single

Hey! King Kong

Standard release.

Here is another mystery guest vocal.  The photo was sent in without the music.  But the sender let us know that the music was also available on a compilation CD.  He sent the name of that CD.  The compilation CD is below in the little thumbnail.  The original release is below that with a button to play the audio.  Sandii says it actually is her.